Ben & Amy // Off-Roading in Iceland

The moment it was certain that I was going back to Iceland again, I messaged my friend Amy. She is an Australian conceptual photographer, whom I have been stalking (photo-wise) since about 2009. Almost a year ago, she and her boyfriend (and fellow obscenely talented photographer) Ben decided to move to Iceland for work, and have been creating amazing things in those iconic landscapes ever since. 

Anyways, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to meet up with Ben and Amy and take photos of them in the Icelandic wilderness while I was visiting. And then when she asked me if I would want to go off-roading in their Land Rover Defender into the mountains, I was sold. 

Umm, can you say, dream come true??

I'll let the photos speak from here on out, but please go follow both Ben and Amy on Instagram right this minute. They are both so talented, and unsurprisingly, they are are just the kindest, warmest people out there. We had such a fun afternoon together, one that I'm never going to forget. Thanks for letting us tag along with you in Iceland, my friends! 

Listen and look.

Whitney Justesen1 Comment