Stephanie & Bryce // Oakland Redwoods Wedding

Bryce and Steph's wedding was one I was looking forward to from the moment they hired me to shoot it. Stephanie is friends with my sister Alexa, and I had always loved her personality and style. She and Bryce are the cutest, sweetest couple, so I knew their wedding day would be a blast no matter what. And hey, advice to all future clients: telling me you're up for anything as far as pictures are concerned? Surefire way to make me love you ;)

 We spent the day under towering redwood trees, beside a beautiful temple that looks like a castle, and finished the evening off with a gorgeous backyard reception. It couldn't have been more lovely. 

Congratulations Bryce and Steph! I simply adore you both. <3

Listen and enjoy.

Whitney JustesenComment