Matt & Beth // An Oregon Coast Proposal

A few months back, I received an email from a close friend of mine, Matt, telling me he was planning to propose to his girlfriend of two years, Beth. I had met them both a couple of years ago at a photographer meet up on a tiny island in British Columbia, and had kept up with Matt ever since. Matt told me some ideas that he had planned for his proposal, and to my delight and surprise, he asked me if I wanted to travel to Oregon to capture it. I didn't even have to think about it--M+B are adorable, I love Oregon, and of course I wanted to photograph their engagement! 

It was going to be a surprise. This was our plan: Matt and I were team-shooting a wedding the day before at Mt. Hood, we would both "happen to be" going to the Oregon coast the next day, and "I was just really desperate to take photos of a cute couple on those gorgeous beaches". Plus, it was M+B's two-year anniversary. Easy. Done.

So when Matt and I finished wedding shooting that evening, I ran "my idea" by Beth, and she was on board immediately! We had gotten the green light. Matt and I winked at each other across Beth's head (not really), and the secret plan was set in motion. 

The next day, we met at Ecola State Park, and M+B were all dressed up like perfect humans, of course. We wandered into the lush forest, and I began to photograph the pair. Beth was happily oblivious to what was about to happen, and that beautiful ring was burning a hold in Matt's pocket the whole time...until the very end. 

Press play, and enjoy watching the story unfold.

And now, a few gifs for your pleasure...

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