Alpine Cycling: Taking on the mountains

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a lifestyle photoshoot for a new biking gear company called Alpine Cycling Apparel!

We took to the Sierra Nevada mountains on a foggy morning, and took pictures for hours in the gauzy golden light.

We found places that I had never been before, and I fell in love with the way the road wound through the beautiful mountains. 

The next day we went out into the rolling countryside for some film shots. It was rainy and cold, but it added to the moody look of our shoot, so I didn't mind. I don't know if I can say the same for the poor guys on their bikes out in the freezing cold haha.

We found a glassy lake, and it provided the perfect background for a group shot.

On our last day of shooting, we went back into the mountains for some more rugged off-roading shots, and it was the perfect place for it. Overgrown and mossy, these mountains looked straight out of every mountain biker's fantasy. 

I had so much fun shooting for Alpine Apparel, and I hope to take on more projects like this in the future. I was so happy to be given so much personal creative direction, but also stay true to their vision. 

If you're a biker and are in the market for some seriously awesome new cycling apparel, check out their website here: You can also follow them on Instagram at @alpinecycling.

Also, be sure to check out the video I made for their gear company below! (Watch in 1080P please!)