A Yearning For Adventure

A little over a week ago, my friend Camilla and I got together for a much needed mountain escapade. We packed up our bags and headed into the misty mountains of Tahoe National Forest,  cameras in hand. Camilla and I always have an awesome time together, whether we're just hanging out or working on our photos and videos together. We always come away having created something truly great :)

(Check out her page if you haven't done so yet, Inspire Me Video.)

We went up towards Squaw Valley first, and walked around the beautiful resort town where the Winter Olympics were held in 1960. I hadn't been there in years, and it was so fun to see the area again.

We drove up the road a little ways towards South Lake Tahoe, but stopped before we found the main village, and explored a little frozen river instead.

Our next stop took us to a walking path along some gigantic pine trees. We walked and talked along the path until we found an abandoned house that I'm 98% sure had a skeleton inside it. (I was too chicken to go find out for sure.)

Our next stop was to walk into South Lake Tahoe and down to the docks to look out at the always blue lake. I'm pretty sure there's nothing more beautiful than Lake Tahoe, but I could be biased since I've grown up living near it. 

After grabbing a bite to eat at the village cafe (Rosie's, to be exact), we headed back up through the slushy, misty mountains back towards home. Camilla and I had some heart-to-heart conversations along the way, and it really offered me the comfort I had been needing. It's always such a blessing to have friends like that in your life. She's a pretty amazing girl, and I'm so thankful to have her in my life. 

Our last stop was in a foggy cabin neighborhood about halfway down the mountain. It was too beautiful to be real, and we couldn't resist grabbing some shots on the moody road between giant trees. We took some pictures for my sponsored gear company, Vanguard, and then we headed on our way again as the sky grew darker. It was the perfect way to end this perfect day.

Thank you for spending such an awesome day with me, Camilla! Can't wait for more adventures still ahead of us :)