Kelsey & Alex // A Romantic Backyard Wedding

I first had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey Kienitz two years ago when she joined our self-named travel group, 'The Restless Youth', on our trip to Iceland. In fact, she was basically the one who made the whole trip possible in the first place! She was a wonderful travel companion, always up for a new adventure, and she modeled for some of my favorite photos I took in Iceland during that trip.

After we got back from Iceland, we got together a few times on various day-trips around California. Once, we drove together to Yosemite, and on the drive we talked about that, whenever she got married to her then-boyfriend Alex, I would be honored to shoot their wedding for them. 

Well, flash forward to a little over a year later, and there I stood on Kelsey's wedding day, camera in hand, ready to capture one of the most important days of her life. It felt surreal. 

Without a doubt, this was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever attended. It was held at a beautiful historic mansion, complete with dozens of DIY elements, including all of the hand-stitched nameplates. Kelsey wore a necklace holding the wedding rings of her parents, who had passed away several years previous, and a gorgeous BHLDN gown. The table settings were something out of a fairytale. But I'll let you see for yourself now. ;)

Take a listen, sit back, and enjoy Kelsey and Alex's wedding day!