Yuriy & Julia // Love in El Capitan Canyon

This post is long overdue, I will admit that. I have had these photos sitting on my hard drive for a few months now, and amidst the craziness of my move and some other life disruptions, I haven't had a chance to devote time to them until now. I am so excited to finally be sharing these sweet images, taken during Phil Chester's mini workshop at Yeah Field Trip in February.

Yuriy and Julia Manchik are a gorgeous photographer/graphic designer married couple from Seattle, who enjoy traveling the world in their spare time. These two have such a natural love about them, and anyone can tell how much they care about each other just by watching them interact.

They are the perfect description of what love looks like. Love is not loud or boisterous; it simply breathes. It's quiet, endlessly giving, full of joy, and so very beautiful.  

Have a listen and enjoy the photos below.