Arches National Park - Part 2

It's been a bit since I published my last Arches Natl Park blog post, so if you missed it, be sure to give it a look before you continue reading! 

Anyways, onward! Our second day in Arches National Park was absolutely beyond beautiful. I swear I have never seen a more quiet park in my life, and the weather was warm and bright. We drove along the many roads and pathways through the park to find the perfect shooting location. 

Ethan and I found a really interesting gnarled tree we wanted to shoot with, and I took some portraits of him within its branches.

We had originally wanted to hike to Delicate Arch, but since we had limited time that day, we decided to hike to the viewpoint and take some pictures in the wide sweeping landscapes instead.

All of the images of me below were taken by Ethan, and edited by myself.

Tai modeled for me next in the crazy beautiful red rocks! He definitely brought his A-game with him.

I couldn't believe how bright and beautiful the air was that day in the park. It stretched for miles and miles above us, without anything to impede our views--no buildings, no skyscrapers, not even planes flying by. 

Andie modeled for Ethan and I in a vintage nightgown I found once at a costume shop, and Ethan grabbed some shots of me in one of my favorite costume dresses. (I had to share a few; all images of me were taken by Ethan, edited by myself.)

I also shot on the side of Ethan while Tai and Andie modeled for him. I couldn't resist, the scene was too gorgeous!

Our next stop took us to the most beautiful canyon, where we ended up spending the majority of the evening before the sun set. The rocks were so gigantic and full of so many beautiful colors--I was amazed at the sight.

(These next few images are a little bit on the NSFW side, so feel free to scroll past if that makes you uncomfortable.)

I shot some images with Andie in this little grove of trees. The light was perfect, and I loved how the color of her skin matched the desert sand. 

We explored every little crevice of this place, and took photos together until the tourists left and the park grew quiet. I'm already looking forward to my next visit here--this area of the park was my absolute favorite!

Of course, a place this beautiful is also the perfect spot to do some yoga, as you will see a little further down ;)

Yoga masters of the universe, these two ;)

Our final stop before leaving Arches was "Park Avenue". Ethan wanted to get some shots of him playing his cherished violin. I learned that night that Ethan is not only a talented photographer, but an amazing musician as well!

He played his violin for us in this beautiful place, and the music echoed across the canyon until the sun dipped low over the horizon of Arches National Park. 

It was definitely another top favorite moment of my life. 

Before we left, I had a photo idea in mind that I was determined to shoot before we left Arches. I love the history of Southern Utah, and I wanted to take some images that paid homage to the navajo tribes that once inhabited the land. They ended up being some of my favorite photos I took that weekend. Thank you Andie and Tai for being my models for this. 

(These following images are also a little on the NSFW side.)

I am so glad I was able to take this roadtrip to Arches National Park a few months ago. It was just what I needed to get my creativity back, and I came away with some images I was and am truly proud of. Thank you Ethan, Andie, and Tai for making this trip so memorable, and for being amazing models for me and each other :) 

I can't wait to visit Arches again someday! I'm already itching to go back!

Photo by Ethan Watts :)

Photo by Ethan Watts :)