Back to San Francisco!

A week ago, I met up with some friends of mine in San Francisco and we had a little photo excursion around the city! My friends consisted of Ashley H. and Nataly Z., both of whom I met in Los Angeles at the Flickr Gathering at the beginning of this year. Also, we met a new friend, Jessica N., who also loves photography, and was eager to meet up with us in San Francisco.

Our first stop took us to Golden Gate Park, where we quickly found a beautiful carousel to play around on. It was so perfect for photos, and we stayed there for a little while, admiring the gorgeously detailed animals and paintings on the structure.

 This is Ashley! She was obviously enjoying herself haha

Jessica took the stage next, and she was a natural model! She made getting beautiful pictures easy :)

Next, we made our way to the Conservatory of Flowers, the beautiful white building I had always driven past, but never actually been inside of. It was so beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside! 

Lastly, we went to Baker Beach to shoot my final college project for my BFA! The shoot went well and I am so excited about the final images. I will not be sharing them online until my show goes up in December, so keep an eye out for the images at the end of the year :)

It was such a perfect day, and I love San Francisco so much! I'll definitely have to come back again sometime soon and explore it even more. 

**Here I am with Ashley and Jessica at Mel's in the city! I was sad we didn't get a picture with Nataly before she left :'(