Bay Area Girl's Trip!

Last weekend, my sister Alexa, her friend Chrissy, and I all went down to the Bay Area for a girl's weekend! Alexa and Chrissy traveled down from Utah to see the John Mayer concert in San Francisco, and there was an extra ticket so I went along with them!

The concert was so much fun! It was such a beautiful evening, and John Mayer played so well. I loved it :) We stayed at my aunt's house in Los Altos over night, which used to be my mom's house when she was a little girl. It's been in the family for about 50 years!

The next day, we sent to San Francisco to explore the city. Since Alexa and I have been to the Bay Area several times before and Chrissy had never been to San Francisco, we decided to go to all the best sites and have a fun little photoshoot around the city! (I brought my camera along specifically for the occasion.)

We had the most delicious shake at Ghirardelli Square! It was a Banana Salted Caramel Chocolate Shake, mmmmm so good <3


I want to live in this house someday. It's so beautiful!

On Sunday we went to Stanford University to show Chrissy the campus. It was a beautiful day and there were people everywhere on campus! We went into the Memorial Chapel, a church that I have loved for so many years, on the Stanford campus. Of course, I brought my camera with me again, so we took some portraits under a lovely weeping willow before heading home :)

 I am so glad we spent this beautiful weekend in the Bay Area. It was just what I needed after coming back home from a week of finals. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world, and it was so great to spend the weekend there with my sister and new friend! :)