Ira Dae // A Quiet Morning Newborn Session

Baby Ira -- Newborn Session -- Whitney Justesen Photography-69.jpg

It's a warm spring morning in a calm downtown neighborhood. I walk inside the small ground floor apartment of a young family I'd just met, and say hello to the exhausted but happy new parents, dressed straight out of a Kinfolk magazine. She wears a red linen knee-length dress, he wears a hat and neck scarf. Their little boy and a newborn baby are in the other room, and I can hear the older boy's giggling laughter from across the hall. Grandma is nearby to help her daughter navigate the first few weeks of this little one's arrival, and though the home is buzzing with energy, there's the potent feeling of calm in the air that only a newborn can bring. I meet Ira Dae within a few minutes of my arrival, and he's so beautiful and small. He's fussy for the first half of our shoot, but he falls asleep right at the end, with the help of a warm hair dryer nearby. This family is beautiful, and this morning is perfect. I'm so grateful I got to capture these special moments for them.

Press play and see it for yourself.