Kat + Justin // A Dreamy Big Sur Wedding Film

This Big Sur wedding could not have been more romantic and intimate. 
Kat and Justin are so obviously perfect for each other—hearing their story, it seems that their journey wasn’t an easy one, but they couldn’t have ended up with anyone better suited to them. They love the outdoors, they love to travel, they love their VW van, and they love each other, so very much.

These lovers said their vows beneath the ancient redwood trees, and celebrated late into the evening in the prettiest tent garden as the stars shined above. Their family and loved ones surrounded them, giving them all the love they needed to start their lives together. It was like a fairytale.

The adoration these two have for each other is so clear, and it was an honor to capture their love in such a peaceful and natural setting. Check out their photographer Madeline’s work—she did an incredible job capturing the photos that day!

Here are a few photos I snagged on the side ;)

Whitney Justesen