Johnny + Ashley // A Dreamy Lake Tahoe Wedding

Ashley + John -- A Lake Tahoe Wedding -- Whitney Justesen Photography-197.jpg

John and Ashley's wedding was definitely one of my favorite weddings from this year--and probably will be for years to come! There was so much style, so much careful thought and hard work that went into the day, which resulted in everything feeling quite effortless. Ashley is a gorgeous human with such a giving heart, and her handsome mate Johnny is very obviously the perfect match for her. There was so much love and light in their wedding day, and I feel truly honored to have been asked to capture it for them. 

Also, there's something about weddings in the mountains, surrounded by towering trees, that just makes everything feel so wonderful. The rain held off beautifully for their ceremony and reception, although it had been threatening us earlier in the day. There was even a rainbow that graced the horizon as the sun went down. And that's not even mentioning the gorgeous sunset that evening as Johnny and Ashley danced among their friends. It was a day I won't soon forget, and I'm sure neither will their guests.

Please take a seat, take a listen, and take a look at the following photos from this blissful wedding day in Lake Tahoe:

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