Olivia & Spencer // An Iceland Elopement



My first trip to this beautiful country was two years ago, in the company of some wonderful friends, and purely for the purpose of creation. We spent two full weeks exploring the alien landscapes of Iceland, circling the entire perimeter and camping beside glaciers and waterfalls. It was an incredible experience I will never forget. 

Since that trip, I had been dying to go back. It became my dream to photograph a couple in those gorgeous landscapes, to tell a love story amongst the black sand beaches and cliffs and mountains. So when fellow photographer and dear friend Olivia Bidleman reached out to have me document her elopement in Iceland on film, I jumped at the opportunity. My only condition was that they allow me to take some photos of my own following the wedding day. 

The wedding, of course, was beautiful, and perfectly captured by Anna Peters, a Seattle photographer. You can see the images from their wedding day here. I shot beside her, and I translated memories and moments into a wedding film that I feel proud of.

A couple of days later, I ventured out into the wild once again with Olivia and Spencer to take some photos of my own. We went to two of my favorite places, Skogafoss, a gigantic waterfall, and Reynisfjara black sand beach, and by the time we had shot to our heart's content, we were too exhausted and frozen to go on. Perhaps another trip will have to be in my future, but for now I'm happy with the beauty I captured that day.

Press play, and take a look for yourselves. 

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