David & Jennifer // A Misty Olive Orchard Wedding

A couple of months back, I shot a wedding in the beautiful green, rolling hills of Vacaville, California. I have driven through this area many times over the years, but I've never ventured much further than the freeway. I was so glad this day allowed me to see the area in all its splendor. 

Jennifer first contacted me well over a year ago about her wedding, and I was so excited to shoot it from our first conversation. We took engagement photos at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, and then anxiously awaited the wedding day. 

The day couldn't have been more beautiful. The wedding was held on a perfect little fresh food's farm, surrounded by rolling green hills and blue skies as far as we could see. The forecast warned us of an approaching storm, but fortunately we only got a light misting right after the ceremony. David and Jennifer read their own private vows to each other under an oak tree, as the rain fell around us, and we took photos in a sweet-smelling lavender field. I have never been to a more lively wedding reception; everyone was laughing and dancing and having the time of their lives. 

Thank you, David and Jennifer, for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding day and capture your love. 

Please press play and enjoy the following photos.