A Late Summer Picnic

When I was in France a little over a month ago, I was staying with my friend Brooke Henshall in a chateau in the most gorgeous wine region called Jarnac. We spent our days there biking around the hills and exploring rivers and fields, and it felt like something from a dream.

Brooke and I decided we wanted to make use of the lavender and mint that grew around the chateau, and try our hands at food photography! This was a new venture for me, as I have never really done it myself before, but had certainly admired some of my friends' food work in the past. 

Brooke and I gathered together lemons, mint, and lavender from the region, and scones from the local boulangerie. We set up our tools in the kitchen of the chateau, and spent our day making mouth-watering lemonade and scones. It was the perfect summer picnic.   

Press play and I hope you'll be inspired to try your own homemade recipes :)