Grace & Rowan

When I was in Alaska a little less than two months ago, I stayed with the most beautiful family in existence, the Adams'! They were the best hosts to me during that week, and we had so many good talks and fun adventures. 

I knew that I wanted to take some photos of Grace and her baby boy, Rowan. I searched all around the area for a location that would look nice for a styled mother/son shoot, and one day, we drove past this gorgeous blossoming orchard off the side of the road. I knew that was our place.

So, after talking to the owners of the property and convincing them we needed to take photos in their orchard, they allowed us a few hours in the morning to explore and shoot. It was the most beautiful place, and I couldn't believe how precious Grace and Rowan were. 

Take a look at the photos I took of them below, and press play.

Thanks for letting me take such sweet photos, my dears!