Bath Time with Rowan

A little over a week ago, I returned from a trip to Alaska to visit my good friends the Adams'. I have been so blessed to get to know Grace and Austin through photography for several years, and it is so exciting to watch their family growing--even from a distance. Their sweet baby boy Rowan is such a little ray of sunshine, and his smile can literally light up a room. Cuddling his perfect baby rolls made me so excited to be a mama someday myself, and I can't wait for moments like these with my little ones. 

Grace told me she didn't have many pictures of her naturally interacting with Rowan--since she's the primary photographer of the household--and so I decided to take some sweet photos of bath time with Rowan for her to keep. These photos made me tear up while I was working on them, and I feel so blessed to be able to capture tender moments such as these with my camera.

I love my job more than words can describe. :)