Homegrown Session || The Bischoff's

About a month ago, I explored San Francisco with these two attractive lovers, Hannah and Jacob. Hannah is the artist who created my lovely new logo for my business, and although we hadn't formally met each other until this day, we have followed each other's work for years and share a deep love for world travel. She married Jacob, a friend of mine from my college days, so this meeting was destined to happen. I couldn't have asked for a better place for our paths to cross at last than San Francisco!

This city was my first home, and even though it has not always been kind to me, it still finds ways to capture my attention with its timeless charm. I always love adventuring around San Francisco with new people, because it changes every time I visit.

We got lost a few times, explored neighborhoods, landmarks, and gardens, and ate some delicious pizza at a quirky hole-in-the-wall to finish off our day. 

I loved getting to know Hannah and Jacob better as we chatted throughout the day, and I'm so excited to share more pictures from their sweet session. Please press play, and enjoy.