Homegrown Session || The Hancock's

Oh I am so excited to share this session with you all! It's my first official "Homegrown Session",  which is something that I've been wanting to add to my work for a long time. This type of session allows my couples' and families' personalities to come through completely, by inviting myself in to document a little slice of their everyday lives. Whether it's shopping together at the local farmer's market, going on a day road trip, or going on a favorite hike--this can be anything that illustrates my couple's & families' lives with the ones they love, at this very moment in time.

I had seen some beautiful examples of this type of session before by some of my favorite photographers, including Phil Chester, Kristian Irey, Lindsay Anne Dransfield, and Jessica Janae, and I wanted to make that a part of my lifestyle work as well. 

Camilla and Jay were such a perfect fit for my introductory "Homegrown" couple. I've been friends with Camilla for a couple of years now, and I have always admired the relationship she and her husband Jay share. Plus, their sweet dog Sheila is the perfect addition to their little family. 

I cannot begin to say how happy this type of shoot made me--there was hardly any posing, and I just enjoyed spending the day with them as we explored the town where they live. No pressure, just a simple, fun morning spent with good friends and good conversation.

This is a long one, so settle in, enjoy the following photos, and press play:

We couldn't leave Sheila out! She wanted to join the fun too! (I kind of wanted to kidnap this sweet pup, to be honest. She's the best.)

The window light in this room was to die for. I couldn't have asked for a better place to start the morning. 

Oh man, isn't their house just the most beautiful place you've ever seen? This is where Jay grew up, and where my sweet couple is living for a few months before returning back to school in the summer. I'm legitimately obsessed with this architecture.

Jay and Camilla decided they wanted to spend a little bit of their day at the local Nursery, and I am so glad we went there. It was the perfect sunny day for exploring these beautiful greenhouses, and picking out some treasures for ourselves :)

I had to sneak a couple of pictures of myself and my little treasure in here too ;)

Thank you Jay and Camilla for being my guinea pigs and letting me spend this beautiful morning with you :) I think it's safe to say that my "Homegrown Sessions" are here to stay.