An Evening in the Mountains

I really should be better about keeping up with this photo blog. That's obvious if you consider my last blog post contained pictures from July, and it's November now. Whoops... I guess that will have to be my New Year's Resolution for 2016.

Anyways, let's start from here. This past weekend, I went up into the mountains with my fella, Cameron, to explore the mountains (as we are prone to do), and to celebrate my milestone of 10k on my personal Instagram~

We made a little fire beside a rustic cabin, and roasted marshmallows and drank cider from the cute mugs Cam got me. It was freezing as anything, but perfect in its own way.

Half of these photos, including all photos of me, were taken by Cameron. He's a crazy talented photographer as well, so go give his Instagram some love.

Enjoy these photos, and take a listen below.

Cabin: Sundance, Utah

Mugs: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Esperos

Cam's Jacket: Holden