Golden Slumbers

This week was the perfect break between adventures. I was able to rest up a bit before the craziness of the upcoming weeks, and I worked my two jobs to earn up some more money to put towards my trips. This next week I will be heading to Achorage, AK, to shoot my very first elopement wedding! I am so excited to see Alaska, since I have never been before, and also to be reunited with my longtime friends and fellow photographer Grace and Austin Adams! 

Then, in just a few weeks after that, I will be taking off to Iceland with Rob Woodcox and Lizzy Gadd! I have been counting down the days to this incredible trip for months now, and it will be such a great day when it finally arrives :) I cannot wait.

But before I get to the future, let's talk about this post! This past week I was on the lookout for a field of California poppies. It has been my favorite flower since I was a little girl, and I have wanted to shoot a concept with them for such a long time. I always tend see them in clusters on the side of the road, but never in full fields. However, this week I was determined. Luckily, my friend Camilla--as though reading my mind--told me about this amazing field not far from me that was simply


in Poppies! I had to find it--and find it I did. 

Here are some photos from my afternoon in the poppy field! I hope to shoot in them again soon, hopefully with an actual concept this time ;)

The theme for Let's Get Creative this week was "Hippies", so this is my homage to that concept ;)

Enough photos of my face haha. I just really love that field, and the sunset was to die for that evening! I took some instaxes of the fields as I was walking through, and the next morning I wrote some words on them.