Brooke & Mike's Salt Lake City Wedding!

Last month, I had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful city of Salt Lake to shoot my dear friend Brooke's wedding! This was one of my favorite weddings I have attended thus far, and I was so honored to be able to be a part of Brooke and Mike's special day in such an intimate way! It's so fun to see weddings from the perspective of a photographer, and being able to notice each creative and tender element is a huge blessing.
The morning began with a peaceful sunrise as Anne's (Brooke's sister) college friend Allison styled the blushing bride's hair and everyone got ready for the busy day ahead of us. 

I had some time to take photos of the smaller elements while the girls got ready.

Eventually it was time for Brooke and Mike to get married, and seeing their faces as they came out of the temple made my heart melt. They are so much in love, it's contagious!

We took family photos, and everyone had so much fun being together. I loved Mike's mom, and this photo specifically--she was so sweet!

One of my favorites from this part of the day.

After the family left, we had some time to take bridals/groomals of Brooke and Mike in Salt Lake, and Brooke's sister Anne tagged along to help me out!

We found a beautiful park in the city and had some fun taking some more artistic photos of the bride and groom. I could not have planned for these shots to come out better; I was so happy with this place and this gorgeous couple!

Soon, it was time for the reception to start, and I loved all the little DIY elements that the family incorporated into the decorations.

This cake was SO beautiful!! I loved the little edible daisies!

The daddy-daughter dance is one of my favorite parts of the reception, following by the bride and groom's first dance. I'll admit I had tears in my eyes just watching these sweet dances :)

And then the dance party began!

Once the reception was over, we all cheered for the couple as they left the hotel in their custom-decorated car!

Congratulations Brooke and Mike! I am so glad I got to be part of your incredible wedding day :)