The Petersen's // A Nestldown Family Lifestyle Session

The Petersen's -- Nestldown Family Session -- Whitney Justesen Photography (168 of 197).jpg

I just love having repeat clients who become friends.

I did a session with Ashley and Blake back in 2017, before the arrival of their little one Rhys, and Ashley and I have been meaning to shoot conceptual work together for a while now—one of these days we’re really going to make it happen! There is so much love in this little family, and I felt so grateful to capture this quiet morning beneath redwoods and flowering trees for them.

Rhys is just the sweetest little boy, and he was so full of energy and enthusiasm that morning. He could hardly sit still for photos, but I think that added to the feel of the session. I genuinely believe that family sessions are meant to be a little haphazard and chaotic, because no family is perfectly put together all the time. As a photographer, I want to show your family and your little ones in their truest form.

Press play and take a look at their session down below: