Kirstie + Arnaud // A Classic City Hall Elopement

Kirstie + Arnaud -- SF City Hall Elopement -- Whitney Justesen Photography-99.jpg

It’s not rare for me to meet couples that feel like old friends, but there was something different about Kirstie and Arnaud. I felt like I had known them sometime in the past, and was reuniting with them after years apart. They felt like they came from another time—there was such a classic, romantic feel to their relationship, and it infused even the very air around them.

Kirstie and Arnaud are having a wedding in France this fall, but they wanted to have get the legal stuff out of the way before sharing that special event with their families, and elope to San Francisco City Hall first.

With all of that in mind, I wanted to make this elopement feel like a little bit French, and a little bit old-fashioned. It just seemed right for them.

Press play, and take a look at this all black-and-white elopement below.

Whitney Justesen