Hold your breath to see

Spring is my second-favorite season, next to Autumn of course.

I love the fresh, earthy perfume that permeates the air as the trees begin to blossom, and I love the sound of birds chirping all around. Everything feels so clean and new, and the sun seems to shine a little brighter. It's like a symphony of natural beauty. I'm being overly cheesy about all this, I'm completely aware. 

Anyways, once the flowers began to blossom on the trees in my neighborhood, I rushed to grab my camera and document this unmatched beauty. One thing on my bucket list is to travel to Japan during Sakura Season, when the entire city is blanketed in beautiful white cherry blossoms. My brother is on a two-year mission in Tokyo right now, and he always sends us pictures of the fairytale parks and streets covered in thousands upon thousands of tiny white petals. 

While my neighborhood doesn't come anywhere near that kind of beauty, I still had to get some Sakura-esque photos of my own. I drove and drove until I finally found a hidden orchard in the nearby countryside. I was in heaven.

Enjoy the following photos, and listen to this gorgeous song from Josh Garrel's new album, Home. The lyrics are....just...yes. So good.