Lindsay Anne

I've been so excited to post these images for a while now. I was lucky enough to meet one of my long-time photography inspirations and sweet friend Lindsay Anne Dransfield while in Vancouver in August. This girl is truly as kind as she is beautiful, and I felt like we clicked immediately. I knew I had to do a shoot with her, and her flowing red hair gave me the idea to do a mermaid-on-land themed shoot.

The talented Megan Wilson of Megan Wilson Photography applied the makeup for this shoot, and I couldn't have asked for better artistry. Thank you my dear, you did a stunning job!

Below are some of my favorite images from our time together. What a dream Lindsay Anne is!

My very helpful assistant David knew that I wanted to incorporate a starfish into the shoot somehow, so about halfway through the shoot, he walks over holding a


starfish right out of the bay! It was so beautiful, while at the same time incredibly fascinating. 

*Thank you for putting this adorable thing on you, Lindsay Anne, even though it was sucking on your skin*

We took to the docks as the sun began to dip in the distance, and the light that hit the water was beyond magical. I told Lindsay Anne to sit at the edge of the dock, and I used those light rays for all that they had left.

Lindsay Anne is nothing short of the queen of lifestyle photography, and I learned that she's an incredible model as well! If you haven't seen her work, I urge you to

go look immediately

. You will not be disappointed. 

Thank you again for being the perfect model for these photos, L.A. I miss you bunches <3