I'm ready to start uploading more images from Flickr Island just over a month ago! I've got a lot of beautiful photos that I am so excited to share, and I wanted to start with these lovelies of

Michelle Ellis

during the meet up. 

This girl is beyond stunning, and she made the perfect model for those of us shooting her. If you haven't already seen her work, you should definitely go do that. She's so talented!

The first set of images I shot on the side of

Van Gachnang

in a forest in Vancouver. The light was so perfect and all the greens made for the most magical setting!

I also shot with Michelle in the evening at Alouette Lake in British Columbia, and I loved the photos I got from there! The bright blue hues of the calm water surrounded by looming mountains is the most gorgeous setting. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

Thank you for capturing these behind-the-scenes photos of me shooting with Michelle, David!

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place, Michelle :)