Our Own Kinfolk Evening

I returned yesterday evening from a two week solo road trip across the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, I stopped in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia. I met up with dear friends, old and new, on my journey, photographed many things, and sat back in awe of all the beauty that this life has to offer. It is a road trip I will never forget, and made me feel like a real grownup in many ways. 

I will be blogging about all these adventures very soon, but for now I wanted to share one evening in particular. In Seattle, I stayed for a few days with Jill Thoman, a photographer and fellow creative whom I have known only through online interaction for the past few years. She and I connected almost instantly, and we spent hours talking about life and photography and adventures we wanted to have. She is a gem, and I appreciate her friendship beyond words.

She introduced me to some of her other photographer friends, and we decided to have a dinner together one Sunday evening, "a Kinfolk dinner", as they called it :) It was the most perfect night, complete with delicious food, good company, and the rising of the Super Moon to top it all off. I know this night will always remain in my memory.

Thank you, Tyler Wesley, for putting together this delicious meal and making us all feel at home in your home. 

Watching the Super Moon rise.

Thank you for a beautiful evening. I'll see you soon, friends :)