An Alaskan Love Story, Pt. 1

When M'Kenzi asked me if I would be willing to travel to Alaska to shoot her engagements and elopement a few months ago, I immediately told her yes. Not only had I never been to Alaska previously, but I had some friends there that I wanted to see,


I had also never shot an elopement before. It sounded like a dream trip, and I quickly began to plan my week out for my time in Anchorage.

Flash forward a month or so, and I was standing on top of a mountain waiting to meet M'Kenzi and her fiancé Jay. I knew from the first time I spoke to M'Kenzi that she and I would get along well, but meeting her and her love solidified that notion. They were the sweetest couple, and this was the first day they had been together after spending months apart. I could so easily see and feel the love they held for one another as I photographed them, alongside my dear friend Grace Adams, and the location we had chosen only enhanced the couple's beauty. They were so giddy and happy and I couldn't help but love everything about that evening :)

Here are some pretty engagements I took of M'Kenzi and Jay, and I will be posting the second half of this love story tomorrow: the ELOPEMENT! Stay posted!