A Morning Exploration

Earlier this week, I woke up bright and early and raced against the sunrise to meet up with my friend Camilla. The morning air was cool and sent a chill through my bones as we left her home with our cameras in hand. Everything was quiet and still as we wandered up the road and into a little field behind a schoolyard.

We ventured past a fence and across a stream, and the sun rose to greet us as we walked over the hillside. The entire valley opened up before us, and I had to stop for a moment and catch my breath. A tree stood in the distance, with tiny white blossoms draping it, and I asked Camilla to let me photograph her beneath it. Luckily, she was happy to oblige. 

My favorite thing about this hidden field was a bathtub that had somehow found its way onto the hillside. It had the perfect view of the valley below, and I had to wonder what the story was behind its final destination.

Camilla is working on a monthly self-portrait project, and she wanted to do a theme surrounding bravery in femininity. (If I'm wrong about that, Camilla, be sure to let me know.) I painted dots on her face with the black washable paint she brought along with us, and she took me to this little foresty area just a few steps away from the bathtub. It was the perfect location. I acted as her human tripod as she took some photos, and I couldn't help taking some shots of my own :)

All in all, it was such a lovely morning spent with a good friend. It was absolutely worth getting up at such an early hour, and I am so grateful for the beauty in this world. It makes me so appreciative every day that we have a loving God who put created this all for us. I am constantly amazed.

Below is a short film I made of the morning. Please be sure to take a few minutes to watch it and let me know your thoughts below. I'm just getting into film-making, and I need all the improvement I can get. Thanks for reading :)


Oh, admiration in falling asleep from Whitney Justesen on Vimeo.