An Evening on The Lake Bed

This week, I spent a wonderful afternoon catching up with my friend Camilla! We decided to go to Folsom Lake, which is a pitiful sight at the moment since we are going through the worst drought in many years here in California. The location we found would normally be about 50-100 ft under water. While of course, it was a saddening sight to behold, it made for an awesome location for photos! Can't complain too much about that ;)

Camilla and I are going to try and collaborate as much as we can while we're both in the area, as she is on a break from school, and I am living and working in my hometown until my trip to Iceland in May! She is the owner/operator at Inspire Me Video, and I am having her teach me about videography while I'm helping her with photography and self-portraiture! It's a pretty nice trade-off, I'd say :)

These red rocks were

to die for.

Love it!

Camilla is a wonderful artist herself, and such a beautiful girl! I'm so happy she let me take some pretty photos of her on the dry lake-bed :) I can't wait to collaborate more with her in the future!

Be sure to check out Camilla's blog post with some photos she took of me that evening, here: