The morning light will shine on you

Oh my, I am so excited to share these photos with you all! I'm warning you ahead of time that this post has

a lot

of images in it, but I am in love with so many of them, and I hope you love them too :)

This shoot was one that I was so lucky to take part in, as it was a collaboration between my lovely friends Nicole and Jessica. I've been so blessed to work alongside these talented ladies throughout this semester, and I am going to miss them both once I graduate.

Anyways, this shoot was styled mostly by Nicole, with little touches added in by me, Jessica, and another friend of ours named Allison (who you will see in a few photos). Ellie was our beautiful model, and my goodness she is such a stunning and talented girl! She's a photographer herself, and you should go check out her page


. :)

So without any further ado, on to the photos! 


here is some music to listen to

while you scroll away**

Nicole made this cute little coconut blueberry cake for the shoot. Isn't it precious?

The location apartment we used had the most


brick walls. I was dying!

I threw together this cute little stick bouquet on my way to the shoot. Not too shabby, huh? ;)

I of course had to take a few photos of Allison, who came along on the shoot to lend her design elements! You might recognize her from the last styled bridal shoot we did, in the blog post entitled

"Hold Onto My Heart"


I hope you enjoyed these photos! You can go check out the page/website of my friends and see some of the photos they took on the shoot + other work! :)